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Get it all done under one roof!  Machining, fabrication, laser profiling, electro-polishing, design, assembly, and more.  We take those processes, couple them with a bit of imagination and ingenuity, and provide a one-stop service to give you just what you need.

Multiform Products is big enough to get the job done, but small enough so that to us, you are not just a customer— you are a person.  And you get to deal person to person with the one you need to in order to get the job done, on time, and the way you want it.

Even the smallest of parts need some design input.  Material choice, detailing, machining considerations, tolerances, and more come into the picture.  Multiform has assisted with design on single parts right up to complex assemblies.  Some designs we have helped develop have gone into international markets and been successful.  Our Design page explains things further, and the Gallery has parts and assemblies in it that have been developed with, or improved for, our customers.

The machining side of our business has a variety of machinery available, capable of producing components from the very small and simple, and up to large and much more complex.  For more information on the machining area of our business, please look at our Machining page.  Or to see a variety of the components we have manufactured, view our Gallery.  There is also a few examples of machine capability on the Video page.

Multiform has fabricated specialist parts from day one, and that was over 25 years ago now.  Our CNC press-brake, power presses, MIG welders, TIG welders, rollers, other specialist machines, and skilled personnel work together to create your parts.  Learn more here on our Fabrication page, or see some of what we have made in our Gallery.

Laser Profiling
A lot of the fabricated parts start their life as a component that has been cut out on a laser, and so having a laser in-house is a real bonus.  The Laser Profiling page has more detail for you.  There are also some parts for you to view that started life on our laser in the Gallery.

The process of electro-polishing not only makes stainless steel look shiny, it actually enhances some of the properties of the material.  Our Electro-Polishing page has some detail about this and some examples, and there are parts that have been electro-polished in our Gallery. 



The assembly shown in the photo has utilized many of our processes.  It has machined components, laser-profiled parts, a fabricated element, and has been electro-polished.

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