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Here is an example of what the CNC lathe can do utilizing the mill-turn function

This is an unusually shaped part made in an interesting way on our CNC lathe.  It may seem a little weird to be able to generate straight lines on something that is spinning, albeit slowly, in a lathe.  It is all in the numbers, and in the way the code interacts with the different axes on the lathe.  

One of the other amazing things about this part is the fact that on each of the corners, the machine is generating a .2mm radius.  Impossible to see in the photo, but it does leave a very tidy corner on the component.

At about 1:25 on the video, you start to see it machine the actual profile of the part.  What is not shown in the video is the parting off of the component.  This means that the part comes off the lathe in the state as shown in the photo of the component.


This is another example of what the mill-turn machine can achieve. 

This is a more common part, but the machining of this dome nut shows rather nicely some of the capability of the machine.  First of all machining the radius of the dome, then going on to cut the hexagon for the spanner. 


This is a process that we developed for cutting a thread in our machining centre.  We have never seen this done anywhere else. 

Bit of a weird way to cut a thread, and it does take a bit to get your head around this. 

Yes, the cutting tool does just go round as is normal.  However, it is hard to see, but it is the bed of the machine than moves, and it oscillates in time with the rotating cutter.  The bed moves a little bit more off-center on each pass until the thread is at full depth.  The action is more noticeable it the video when the tool is near the end of its pass. 

We could use a thread-milling type cutter to achieve this thread, but this is way faster.  We have been using this system for years now.

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