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Our electropolishing bath can take components up 400 x 200 x 1600 in size.  

Electropolishing is an electrical process that is used in conjunction with a chemical to polish the surface of the stainless steel.  The images associated with this page are examples of the finish that results from the process. 


What are the advantages of the electropolishing process?

There are a number of benefits to this process.  

    1. It provides the most superior form of passivation for stainless steel.  The reason for this is that the process removes iron from the surface and enhances the chromium and nickel content. 
    2. It produces a clean and smooth surface, making cleaning easier
    3. The surface finish is improved by the leveling of microscopic peaks and troughs
    4. It can polish areas not accessible with other processes
    5. It can remove small burrs

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